Competition for the College of further education (BBZ), Zurich, Switzerland
Architects: Christoph Schwander Architekten GmbH
Team: Christoph Schwander (author) and Guillaume Stark

The competition site is located near the city centre of Zurich, along a main mobility axis, close to a park. The project consists in a new college building and two sports halls.

Urban form:
The volume created is integrated into the existing urban fabric by closing off the block to which it belongs. Due to its imposing volume, it dialogues with the massive buildings on the other side of the park.

The program is divided into three volumes:
- Two sport halls generate a lower volume which is used as a terace in its upper part.
- Classrooms are distrbuted in a strong longitudinal body along the main street.
- The administration offices are located in a smaller volume adjacent to the existing building.Groundfloor plan: a first entrance leads to the offices and the teachers’ room. A second entrance accesses the sport halls and the common area.

On the Groundfloor all common rooms for the pupils are combined in a wide, freely usable hall. A compact arrangement of delivery, passage and parking allows a generous communal outdoor space to be created.
The four upper floors are characterised by simple and efficient distribution and flexibility of use. All teaching, preparation and collection rooms have the same floor plan and can therefore be freely arranged.